Verdant Zeal on Expansion Drive

One of the major goals of any business venture is growth and we feel humbled that Verdant Zeal is on the path of growth and we are proud to announce our expansion into emerging markets in Africa.

For the benefit of those who are new to the world of Verdant Zeal, here is a little background to our very humbling story, to which we attribute our success, achievements and feats to God Almighty.

Verdant Zeal opened its doors for business on the 1st of March, 2007 with a vision to deliver exceptional results by continuously and consistently anticipating and fulfilling the needs of our clients, that is the brands.

We realized early that going by the opportunities in the marketing communications industry and interest of foreign investors in our nation and continent, it was imperative to redefine the quality of service delivery to clients and reshape the marketing communications spectrum as a multi-disciplinary business with deep insight.

Over the last 7 years, we have grown from a single organization to an emerging multinational with subsidiaries, namely Brainbox iMedia (Digital and Interactive Media), Gr8 Measures Media Network (Media Independent), Red Gecko (Custom Publishing and Media Relations), First to Market (Experiential Marketing), Neo Mantra (Content Creation and Marketing) and Forward Motion (Special Projects).

We have partnered with businesses of various sizes and ambitions in their quest for exceptional positioning and market leadership. We are happy that our clients are happy with our communication and business solutions, but more than, we are proud that our work is helping them cover the mileage that they desire.  

At a critical point in our evolution, Verdant Zeal decided to become a strong regional player that would be well positioned to attract more foreign investors’ to our continent.

The Nigerian Marketing Communications industry has evolve as a dynamic and vibrant one over the years and we need to break new grounds.

Driven by vision, Verdant Zeal is extending its operations with the West African market as it acquires majority stake holdings in two marketing communications firm – Brands and Products Limited Ghana and Mofix Limited Gambia with 60% and 70% equity ownership in Ghana and Gambia respectively.

Following this landmark acquisition, Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications Limited, will be the first indigenous marking communications company to buy over and own majority stakes in other foreign advertising agencies across the African continent. The former Brands and Products, and Mofix will now be known as Verdant Zeal Marketing Communication Ghana and Verdant Zeal Marketing Communication Gambia respectively.  

We are glad that the process of this acquisition, which have been on for a year now have been fully consummated. We are also expectant that this move will positively affect our professionalism, ethical standards and adherence to global best practices, which will inevitably be beneficial to our clients and partners from around the globe.

In the days ahead, we will continue to improve our processes and standard operating procedures in order to perfect our trajectory of service excellence. And in achieving this, we humbly seek the cooperation of our highly esteemed clients, partners and stakeholders.

The acquisition is a part of a 5-year strategy for “inclusive linear growth and expansion” for the Verdant Zeal brand across West and East Africa. The company is expected to inject funds into developing the markets as catalyst for organic development that has become its staple in the last 7 years.

The Gambian operation is designed to be the hub that will serve the Sierra Leone and Liberia markets.

With this thrust, Verdant Zeal will be able to consolidate its growing influence and clientele across the West Coast and as well as nurture emerging opportunities and markets.    

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