The Soar Away Brands by Wale Alabi

The business enterprise has two – and only these two basic functions: marketing and innovation -Peter Drucker

Innovation doesn’t necessarily mean the first or biggest, but being the best. – Richard Branson

Those who are blessed with the power And the soaring swiftness Of the eagle And have flown before, Let them go. I will travel slowly And I too will arrive -Ayi Kwei Armah

They are like the eagle: the soar away brands. But why the eagle? You may ask. The eagle is agile, virile, strong and swift. Unlike the chicken that engages in scratching the soil for remnants and leftovers for meals; the eagle goes for the fresh, untainted, unpolluted and uncontaminated preys for meals. Just like the eagle, the soaraway brands through a dint of hard work and innovation often emerge the best in their various spheres of operations. As market leaders, their products and offerings usually impact positively on the economy. The BRANDWISE 2018 Soar Away Brands cut across diverse sectors of Nigeria’s economy.

This special edition highlights the strength of the brands in the market, their innovation, their overall performance in their sphere of operations and capacity to weather the storm and excel in a challenging economy like we have now.

The soar away brands are thriving and continually contributing to the growth and development of Nigeria’s economy in spite of the prevailing challenging operating environment. It is an affirmation of resilience and a tribute to excellence if your brand is found on roll of the 2018 edition of BRANDWISE Soar Away Brands.

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