Technology has changed the face of PR for good – Seun Adesida, CEO, DavebrookPR

Interconnectivity and technological adaptability have changed the face of PR practice as we know it and it is better to evolve with the process rather than become a historical artefact. This is the position of the Chief Executive Officer, DavebrookPR Limited, owners of one of the leading online PR newsrooms in Nigeria. The PR firm which has been making giant strides in the industry was recently inducted as a member of the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN).

State of PR Consultancy Practice In Nigeria

PR consultancy practice in Nigeria has advanced, but it is still evolving. It has since left the state it was some 5 years ago. We have Public Relations firms going into international affiliations and collaborating on big projects, some of which are very new to the Nigerian PR environment. I think informed clients are now looking beyond big or small names to what ‘new strategy’ you have to offer to meet and surpass stakeholder expectations.

I also want to recognise the impact of the current leadership of PRCAN, now clients are demanding membership of PRCAN has a precondition before appointing any agency. The sustained growth observed in the industry is premised on the entrance of more professionals and the gradual shrinking market of charlatans.

Going forward, we hope to see healthier competition and impactful ideological engagements with robust interactions occasioned by the advent of digital media channels as veritable Public Relations management tools.

What Is the Impact of Technology and Social Media On PR Practice?

Technological advancement now provides scenario analysis tools for PR practitioners to fairly project measurable outcomes while creating interventionist strategies to argument unpredictable variables.

I give you a scenario analysis: A key message for one of our clients went around the globe in a space of an hour to get the final message with inputs from various divisional heads located in Mos cow, New York, Paris and South Africa. This would have been almost unattainable via regular emailing platform alone. On the flip side, this message was developed on a weekend.

Technology and Social Media have brought us more alternatives. Rather than wait for a client’s story to appear in the papers the following day, the client will get publication almost instantly. Even media houses are adapting to this reality. So as you can see, it has added speed to our work. It has also made it easier to manage clients’ expectations.

Compare The Standard of PR Practice in Nigeria to What Obtains Abroad Global PR Best practices are dynamic and the industry is gradually reinventing itself along with practitioners collaborating on developing new frontiers for PR engagements from policy communication to lobby management. Though we are currently taking leadership in some areas overall, we still have much to give in terms of industry development and delivering on clients’ expectation. The innovative discoveries available to the PR expert in Manhattan is also what is available to the practitioner in Lagos because access to innovation is no longer a barrier.

It is no longer about geography or location. It is about expertise. It is no longer about how PR is being practiced in country A, B or C. It is about global best practices. We have successfully bridged the gap between the quality of PR that is obtainable in any part of the world, and what is obtainable here. And that is why you see collaborations be- tween our PR firms and well established International firms. It is only a matter of time for results to become visible.

With The Current Glut in The Economy, What Are the Challenges Facing the Average PR Consultant in Nigeria?

Surprisingly, brands are embracing PR tactics, not as support or backups but as lead tactics in marketing communication. This, I believe, is attributable to the economic downturn and the sophistication of PR delivery which has evolved with adaptive technologies. Though most brands are cutting their marketing budgets.

What Is The USP of Davebrook?

Our by-line says it all: Everything Digital. Where others use normal and conventional ways, we deliver the same service with a dint of innovation. We may not be necessarily reinventing the wheel, but we devise new and digital ways of creating value. And our clients appreciate us for it.

Who Are the Past and Present Clients of Davebrook?

We have a very good and robust client base.

What Does the Future Hold for PRCAN?

PRCAN, as it is today, is reshaping professional PR practice in Nigeria. It has successfully established its legitimacy and clients now search for PR firms through the platform of PRCAN. That in itself is an endorsement of advance- ment in PR practice in Nigeria. Make no mistakes about this, PRCAN affiliations with international PR bodies has opened a new vista in PR industry development.

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