Sparkling Veleta!

When Paulo Coelho, the famous author from Brazil wrote that, “virtually all wines should be tasted, some should only be sipped, but with others drink the whole bottle”, he probably had Veleta, the sparkling fruit blend from the stable of Intercontinental Distillers Limited (IDL) in mind.

Over the years, the Nigerian wine market has grown and evolved, becoming highly sophisticated and competitive. With growing numbers of drink and wine connoisseurs, the Nigerian wine drink segment now attracts suppliers from both within the country and abroad.

With this development, consumers are now exposed to quality wines, hence the need to have high quality non-alcoholic sparkling fruit drink comparable to international standard. In Veleta, IDL scored a hit with Nigerians demand for a good quality sparkling, non-alcoholic fruit drink. Described as a full-bodied, sparkling, non-alcoholic and uniquely satisfying fruit drink brand, Veleta is blended with carefully selected rich and healthy grapefruits. Veleta is also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals which provide extra nourishment to build, protect and re-energize the body. Veleta can be taken directly, with ice or with contemporary mixers like ice cream or milk. But it is best served chilled.

According to IDL, the Veleta brand “is a fruit juice like no other, the most full flavoured of all fruit juice, full-bodied and sparkling, uniquely satisfying, blend with extra hops made from carefully selected rich and healthy grapefruits and also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals which provide the extra nourishment to build, protect and revitalize your body. It’s delicious, rich and with great taste that can be enjoyed by everyone, every time.”

It comes in three variants: red grape, white grape and peach. The three variants are in 75cl bottle with label only and grapes fruit background. The caps are tampers proof with neck foil. This unique and delicious non-alcoholic fruit juice leaves no after taste in the mouth after consumption. Although indigenously blended, Veleta is at par with international standard. Veleta is targeted at age 18-45, female and male in the BCD socio-economic groups who are urban and semiurban residents celebrating important events. This class of consumers love fun, parties and general merriment. They are middle class, pleasure-seeking individuals/ families who value hard work and would appreciate the drink and health-giving properties of the brand as a fruit drink for celebration and regular con- sumption. They are also sociable, lively, outgoing and party ‘goers’ and ‘throwers’.

They are fashion freaks and love to show off with latest fads but have limited spending power. Veleta is available in wine retail outlets all over the country.

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