Post Covid-19: KekeAds Reinvents Operations for Excellent Service Delivery


With the ease on Covid-19 lockdown that had hitherto ravaged the world and crippled global economy, pioneer social transit advertising platform, KekeAds has resumed full business operations.

In a press statement issued earlier in Lagos today by KekeAds Worldwide Limited, operators of the Motor Tricycle Advertising patent all over the country, the company said that, KekeAds, the number one transit platform’s base in around the country are now ready for full operational services to its customers in both private and public sectors.

According to KekeAds spokesperson, Wale David who signed the press statement, “KekeAds is now back in business after the ease on lockdown in the country and globally. And we have also upgraded and adjusted our services in conformity and strict adherence to all existing protocols on Covid-19.”

Speaking in the same vein, Mr Esona Onuoha who is the founder of KekeAds and CEO of Smate & Smate described the period of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown as a ” a redefinition of life as we knew it. People had to change overnight and got used to spending more time indoors. So the outdoor practices were affected as brands adjusted to their new realities. In our moments of reflection, reevaluation and rethinking, we saw the advantages offered by KekeAds over other media, such as better scalability, reach and feequency, as businesses gradually commenced their advertising activities which had been halted during the pandemic, with very lean pockets. KekeAds has once again become the change agents as the pandemic offered us opportunity to review and reinvent our operational template for a better and excellent customer service delivery.”

“While the lockdown lasted, we at KekeAds collaborated with other stakeholders in the country amongst them Non Governmental Organizations for advocacy and awareness campaigns to reduce the negative impact of Covid-19 and ensure that people keep and stay safe, all in line with our KekeAds 4 Social Change initiative”, Esona added.

Apart from offering best of breed transit advertising services to multinationals with lean budgets, KekeAds is also an affordable and veritable platform to SMEs, start-ups and government agencies to promote their products and services. The KekeAds platform also serves as vehicle for advocacy and awareness campaigns by Non Governmental organizations.

Since it commenced operations about twenty years ago, KekeAds has empowered about 50,000 tricycle drivers and owners who are enlisted on the platform in different parts of Nigeria.

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