Polaris Bank to unveil first millionaire in‘Save & Win’ promo February 9

Polaris Bank says all is now set for the emergence of the first set of winners in its ongoing Save & Win promo.
In a statement issued by the bank, it noted that the first set of winners will be determined through a raffle draw that will hold on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 where one millionnaire will emerge with 60 others going home with N100,000 prize money each and several others winning instant consolation prizes.

The bank also urged its customers to save and maintain a minimum incremental sum of N10,000 in three consecutive deposits of the remaining promo period, to qualify and be one of the 26 lucky winners to emerge millionaires in the promo.

The nationwide promo is expected to give away N26,000,000.00 (twenty-six million naira) in total to its loyal existing and prospective customers who emerge winners. Eight millionaires will emerge altogether alongside 180 lucky customers who will be rewarded with other cash consoldation cash gifts of N100,000 per person.

Polaris Bank says the promo is aimed at making millionaires of everyday Nigerians by encouraging current and prospective customers of the Bank which commenced in November 2020 to April 2021, to qualify for the draws.

The same process will be repeated in March while the month of April will be the Grand-finale leading to the emergence of sixty winners of N100,000 each across the six geo-political zones and six ‘Millionaires’ of N1,000,000.00 (one million naira) each, across the six geo-political zones, bringing the entire draw to a total of 188 winners.

The Managing Director/CEO of Polaris Bank, Innocent C. Ike, while kicking off the campaign in the last quarter of 2020, noted that “the essence of the exercise, is to give back to customers and encourage savings amongst Nigerians”.

The campaign, he further explained, is a reward for the traders, artisans, public servants and indeed professionals who in spite of the challenging times, are able to put aside some money. He reiterated that in tough times such as we are now, there is a compelling need to save, not only to win a prize, but also to plan for the rainy day.

Explaining the mechanics of the campaign, the Bank in the statement noted that “both current and new savings account customers of the Bank, are eligible to participate in the promo.”
It added that the magic of winning lies in the ability of the customers to continuously top up their savings with the minimum sum of N10,000 each month, for three consecutive months, which ensures that such customers have greater chances of winning above others.

Winners will emerge through a transparent electronically generated process that will be supervised by regulatory institutions.

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