MIPAN Patron’s Day Hold October

The Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) will  hold the 6th edition of its yearly Patron’s Day on the 19th of October, 2021.

The MIPAN Patron’s Day is a social gathering for the players in the media buying sub-sector of the marketing communications industry, to meet and celebrate, play games, have fun, celebrate achievements over the year and network.

Henry Ononiwu, the Publicity Secretary of MIPAN,  the Patron’s Day is a pitch free day.

“The Patron’s Day is for everyone to have fun and play games without any pitch war. Generally, we’ll all have fun. So, we look at it like a picnic that all the media agencies will come with their friends and families,”he said.

Adding  that MIPAN also invites all other players in the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) industry, including media vendors and brand owners among others.

He also disclosed that MIPAN will be holding its Business Outlook Section (BOS) and President Dinner sometime in December, but didn’t disclose the theme and the date for the BOS.

On his own part, the Executive Secretary of MIPAN, Eki Adzufeh, said: “We are going to celebrate ourselves, more or less because we choose a day in a year for all professional colleagues to come together to lay down our guards. Instead of pitching against one another we go ahead to have fun together. It’s an event for us to get to know one another better and yet to have fun with both our professional colleagues and family members.”

MIPAN Patron’s Day is organized member agencies,  with the aim of bringing all stakeholders, management & staff together under a fun, relaxed and sporting atmosphere. It is also an avenue to network and celebrate the forerunners of the profession (Patrons) who are either retired or are partially retired.

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