Lagos is a land of prosperity – Tunde Braimoh

Q: What has been the secret behind the smooth running of the 8th Lagos Assembly?

A: Firstly, let’s say its God. Let also say its maturity at play, experience at play coupled with exposure to the tenets of democracy and legislative practice. The Speaker of the House has been in the house since 2003. He was also a part of the Local government executives since 1999. Between 1999 and 2003 he operated at the local government level. From 2003 till now, he has won election four times back to back to the house. So he knows the basics of legislative practice so much, and this has been beneficial to the house. Apart from the speaker, we also have people of zeal, people of good vision and passion for Lagos State.

Q: Can you give us a run down of the bills that have been passed since the inauguration of the 8th assembly ?

A: So many bills have been passed. Every year we pass our appropria- tion bill into law and so many other bills including the property bill, the anti kidnapping law, and of course the Neighbourhood watch bill which was sponsored by the speaker. The number of bills that have been passed since the beginning of this assembly is about thirty.

Q: Lagos is currently in the thick of its 50th celebration, what message do you have for Lagosians?

A: The message l have for Lagosians is to look back at the evolution of Lagos and to encourage us to work together and let’s make Lagos a better place to live. Lagos is a land of opportunities, land of realities, a land where you come in as a nobody and become a billionaire. Many of the billionaires we have today came to Lagos with only one shirt and trousers in their bag. Averagely five hundred people come to Lagos daily to stay.

Many of them are not even Nigerians, they are from other parts of Africa. So we thank God that Lagos has been able to play host to people of different backgrounds and orientations. Lagos State Governor Ambode has demonstrated uncommon zeal and passion by living to up to his promises and hopes during campaign now while in office . Just today, he was able to go and compensate with the families of those who lost their lives in the shanties. He personally handed over their cheques this morn- ing. He has also ensured the security of lives and properties across the state. I appeal to the people to be law abiding and see Lagos as their own project. Every infrastructure in Lagos State should be protected from stealing and vandalization. People should also know that they should report every breakdown of law and criminal offences to the right law enforcement agencies. .

Q: In Lagos, we have three radio stations and one state television, no state has this in Nigeria. I think this should be under your oversight, how have you been able to get across government messages to the people?

A: It is not large, it is okay, like l said you have summarized it yourself they are different stations they are specialized in different areas and they have different audiences and different missions. The Traffic Radio is for traffic update so they do not take advertisements or other things that can lure them away from their primary concern. The Yoruba Radio Fm is for the local people, local audience and to sustain and maintain our local heritage by providing enter- tainment and educational information to the audience. They all complement and help in information dissemination and educating the people on government programmes and activities.

Q: Something just came to my mind we had Lagos Horizon, a newspaper owned by the state government was rested some years back, is your office thinking or the state government is thinking of reviving it in addition to the media machinery of the state?

A: We don’t know why Lagos Ho- rizon was laid to rest, I feel maybe it was because, it was epileptic. There are somethings that government had better not be involved. With the newspaper not doing well over the years even when it was working the people thought it was another government’s newspaper. I have not really asked why that publication was laid to rest but l want to believe it was because the newspaper was publishing next to nothing. It was also not profitable

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