Dana Airline now offers 24/7 customers service

In its bid to boost customers confidence, Dana Airlines, has commenced a 24/7 customer service operations including weekend.

A statement from Dana Airlines and signed by her Media and Communications Manager, Kingsley Ezenwa, said the novel 24 hours, 7 days Customer Service was the fulfilment of its promise to offer improved customer relations thereby guaranteeing customers satisfaction.

The statement also added that Dana Air is now available round the clock on email, Contact@flydanaair.com, on Phone: 01 2809888, and on WhatsApp; 07051190363 to attend to all calls, emails and chats 24/7.

Giving reasons for the consumer-centric decision, the airline explained that, ”having reviewed the number of emails, calls and chats that we receive on a daily basis and the time that we receive these messages and requests, we decided to introduce this to cater to the needs, requests and inquiries of our guests 24/7”.

Dana Air claimed she had constantly been “simulating” various and diverse situations the exigencies of the times could compel her guest to make the sudden and unexpected change of plans which would require timely modifications, updates, among others. The statement assured that “At whatever time in the day they require our assistance, we’ve got them all covered.”

Earlier in the year the airline made a promise to her guests to “offer improved customer relations and guarantee customer satisfaction across the board”. The airline expressed her excitement for being able to make the promise of customer service 24/7 a day, 7 days a week, come to reality for the benefit of her numerous loyal guests.

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