Artificial Intelligence

IT is evident that computer systems are becoming part of our daily routine, so, there is a need for the creation of systems that can think for themselves. In the recently concluded Machine Learning Everywhere by IBM, Garry Kasparov said,” Artificial Intelligence machines generates parameters to teach themselves”. Why? To help the Human and Organization to cope with the unpredictable eventuality of an ever-more volatile world and also to increase accessibility, productivity and analyses of Information. Machines thinking for themselves sounds fallacious but, they are already in existence.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is the study and design of intelligent agents where an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes action which maximises its chances of success (Culled from A research paper from MIT defines Artificial Intelligence as a program that behaves externally like humans and also operates internally the way humans do.

Garry Kasparov defined it as Augmented Intelligence. Researchers and Marketers used the word ‘Augmented Intelligence’ so as to neutralize the connotation, which help people understand that Artificial Intelligence will improve products and services rather than replace Humans. Research in his field requires tools and insights from many fields, including Computer Science, Probability, Cognitive Science, Control theory, Logic, Psychology, Philosophy, and Neuroscience.

Applications of Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be applied in various human endeavours, some of which are; Business, Mining, Politics, Entertainment, Aviation, Education, Hospitals and Medicine, Economy, Human resources and Recruiting, Transportation, Gaming and E-mail spam filtering. In each application, there are lots of research papers but in this article, I will explain some with practical examples we can relate with or examples that we never thought has Artificial Intelligence embedded. Human resources and Recruiting Before Artificial Intelligence dawn, recruiting processes required Human Resource professionals and other recruiter going through the database of applicant manually. Productivity and Efficiency tend to low outcome. Artificial Intelligence can be applied in Human resources and Recruiting agencies: it helps sort a qualified candidate for job placement. According to a Survey, 93% of all Hiring Managers use resume scanning software called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter candidates from the application pool. There are other Systems that enhance automation. In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence also predicts the right candidate and it is of great benefit in this profession. In the workplace, Artificial Intelligence will perform a task that is hazardous to humans. Garry Kasparov said that “Artificial Intelligence will cause jobs to evolve”. In Nigeria recruiting companies’ make use of software embedded with Artificial Intelligence to screen their applicants.


Education is the best legacy any worthwhile generation can bequeath to his posterity. Learning happens everywhere, not just in the Classroom. Artificial Intelligence enhances education at all levels, especially by increasing personalization. There are different educational devices that have been designed to teach children subjects like biology, computer science etc. Some Kids leverage on these devices or bots to learn their first English alphabet, rhymes, and spellings. Also, Teenagers creativity and innovations are sparked through the medium and their energies are channelled properly. These processes alleviate parent from this task, although, parental roles cannot be sidelined. Artificial Intelligence will educate according to the individual learning style. Let me bring it closer to everyone, do you know why when we look things up on google there is a dropdown of search choices? Google applied Artificial Intelligence in order to create choices just has Human think. When next you use google take note.


This section creates a balance between education and entertainment. Edutainment applies to a human-friendly robot for gaming, amusement, entertainment and education at a price suitable for the mass market. Edutainment robots are not forced with other tasks aside Human-Robot interaction that does not bore the customer. Mekamon and LEGO Mindstorms are examples in this category. Check out robots built by me on my Instagram page.


Autonomous/driverless cars are computer operated vehicles which drive themselves without the effort of human driver or passenger. Autonomous cars are launching humans into the era of effortless transportation. In many models, the vehicles sense the surrounding environment and navigate a given area by itself. Autonomous cars have been in existence since the 1920s when it was first tested in New York City. Benefits of autonomous cars; relaxation for car occupants, fewer traffic cops etc.

The driverless car will soon be spotted on Nigerian roads if it has not even happened. Domestic/Service Robots. According to Artificial Intelligence report, Artificial Intelligence innovations are already in people’s homes, primarily in form of Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner (iRobot, 500 series Roomba), Washing Machine and Siemen Dress-Man Ironing Robot. There are better chips, low cost 3D Sensors, Cloud-based machine learning with advanced speech recognition that interacts with people as Intelligent Assistant (examples are Apple SIRI, Amazon Echo and Microsoft Cortana) and they carry-out other services like Cleaning services (Autonomous pool cleaner like Aquabot), Delivery of Packages (Starship), Medical assistance etc.


A concise definition of the word ‘Security’ is the state of being free from danger or threat. The deteriorated security situation is caused by the activities of criminal elements. Regarding Security, Artificial Intelligence can be applied in Military, Data Protection, Cybersecurity etc.

In Cybersecurity: Organizations are beginning to bolster their systems with the use of AI to enhance protection against Sophisticated Hackers in real time because cybersecurity risk is becoming complex and voluminous. Microsoft is so positive about conquering threats with AI and Linux etc.

In Military: The launch of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle commonly known as the Drones are evident in the protection of lives and property. In Homes: The duty of security robots is to gather information and report feedback, offering home intervention and surveillance, protecting user’s property from sudden destruction.

In Africa: In 2008, when terrorism started in Maiduguri and there was an attack on the University compound. Some students and Indigenes were hurt and death was recorded. Terrorists rampaging the state and other states is a trending headline, Africa especially Nigeria should welcome Artificial Intelligence with all arms to secure the lives and Properties of Citizens.

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