On Ad Copy

“My position about a good advert is that if the communication is simple, straightforward, interesting and entertaining, it would succeed.”

Strength As An Advertiser

“I seem to have an all-round talent. I write ads. I am also a great critic of ads. I would tell you if whether an ad is going to work or not, be it on print, radio, TV, anything. I can comment on anything about an ad – from typography to point size, to anything. I think I am very good account management person. Finally, I think I am a good manager of men and materials.”

Management Style

“Some people say I am a slave driver. I am a stickler for perfection. So I drive my people. I can be impatient with mediocre. For me, there are no sacred cows. If I find a young guy doing a great thing, I am going to scream and hug him on the corridor, anywhere. If you are a senior manager and you do a lousy thing, I am going to scream at you in the corridor. Now I am not saying that is the best way to go about it, but that is my style.”

My Role Models

“I have a couple of role models in this business. The Saatchi Brothers are my role models. I like them a lot. I was lucky in my career to get close to them. I learnt a lot from them. I must admit. They really like me a lot. They had a passion for advertising and they would stop at nothing.”

My Role Model in Nigeria

“Mr Sylvester Moemeke is a fantastic manager. I never had the privilege of working with him but you tend to hear of these people and they become like legends. It was from Moemeke that I learnt that it makes sense to keep your table clean. If you go to his table you won’t find a piece of paper. I try to do that. By 2’0 clock, you won’t find any paper on my table. Never. Nothing stays on my table till the following day.”

My Drive

“When a man is hungry, you just have to put on your thinking cap otherwise poverty will kill you.”

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