New book, ‘The Brand Called Woman’ on Amazon unveiled

Owners of the popular free business, brands, and marketing weblog,, have published a marketing communications book on the world’s largest retail store, Amazon.

Titled, ‘The Brand Called Woman’, the book is authored by Anthony Elikene, the Lead Consultant/CEO of Brandfit PR & Events, a public relations company in Nigeria. The Brand Called Woman is a summary of how corporate organisations can improve their brand management, and marketing communications processes by applying the clues women teach every day with their lifestyle.

According to Elikene, “The Brand Called Woman might probably be the first time these traits would be captured for tactical use in projecting corporate brands. PR, Advertising, Communications and Marketing professionals will do well to read this book and learn what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong and how to improve.”

“A lot of crises could be averted if we only apply some tactics women deploy effortlessly in managing challenges that sometimes look insurmountable to the rest of the world. Women are the best teachers and this is an understatement.”

According to the publishers, although the book is mainly targeted at public relations, marketing and communication professionals, the language and delivery make it a delight for all. It is educative, informative, insightful, and entertaining to read from the start to finish.

The Brand Called Woman is a pleasant disruption to the marketing communications practice as it is not like any book published or read before it.

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