LAGOS TRAFFIC RADIO: Taming Road Monsters, Saving Lives

LAGOS is a city of hustle and bustle. Lagos is a city of energy. Lagos is a city in a hurry. Lagos is a city bubbling with human and vehicular traffic. With the huge population and perennial auto traffic snarls, Lagos is a city in flux.

Acclaimed as Nigeria epicentre of commerce and industry, Lagos is the place to be. As a state, Lagos was created in 1967. Over the years, Lagos has experienced a gradual surge of human and rise in automobile population. The making of the state as the capital of Nigeria further increased the surge of people to Lagos. Not even the movement of the federal Seat of power to Abuja could deter people from surging to Lagos.

With an estimated population of 25 million people and over 15.2 million of them within the ages of 15 to 64, Lagos is having the largest share of active working population in sub-Saharan Africa.

This huge population has negative effect on infrastructures especially roads in Lagos. Congestion and heavy traffic are regular features on Lagos roads, impacting negatively on the lives and the economy. Apart from stress and its health implications on Lagosians, the loss of man hours in traffic leads to reduction in productivity.

Having realized the effects of congestion and heavy traffic on Lagos roads; and in order to make life more convenient for the people whether as tourists or businessmen, the state government during the tenure of governor Baba-tunde Raji Fashola (SAN) established the Lagos Traffic Radio (LTR). The station is dedicated solely to monitor traffic and safety matters in Lagos state.

Registered with the National Broadcasting Commission as Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1khz (FM), since its commenced transmission, Lagos Traffic Radio has delivered on its mandate. The station gives first hand information on transportation to motorists and commuters. LTR also runs traffic news, traffic alerts and diversions on highways to motorists while driving or before heading to their destinations. Information received from LTR enables motorists and commuters to plan their routes. And thus safe time and enhance productivity. Ensconced in the ambience of a three-storey building and co-located within the premises of LTV/Radio Lagos complex on Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi,Ikeja, Lagos, LTR is wholly owned by the Lagos State Government.

Its world class facilities include a set of modern, digital transmitters and a three studio system. The 3 studio system is one where the central studio controls the generations of the other two in an automated system. One of the studios operates live with feed from the field and the newsroom. Apart from LTR staff, since inception the station has been operating with a team of Lagos State Traffic Management Agency (LASTMA) personnel. Otherwise known as the LASTMA monitors the personnel file in reports live and updates from diverse locations in and around Lagos. Also phone calls received from members of the public on traffic matters are usually verified by the nearest LASTMA post before dissemination.

LTR listenership cuts across the old and the young, poor and rich, male and female while its facilities are positioned in such a way that LTR reach spans the entire Lagos State and parts of the neighbouring Ogun State.

As a radio station, LTR has not only lived up to the billing as a medium of information, education and entertainment, it has also upheld the vision of its founding fathers. Today LTR is not only a successful social enterprise but is also a successful business brand offering good example and serving as an exemplary model of what a specialist radio station should be today and in the future.

According to LTR General Manager and CEO,Rahman Layinka Adagun : “Through its consistent advocacy on road safety and persistent information dissemination on security on the roads, Lagos Traffic Radio has in no small measure reduce accidents on the highways and help decongest Lagos roads. Thus promoting healthy living, enhancing productivity and ensure the ease of doing business in the country.” To further affirm its mandate as a traffic station, LTR under the Management of Adagun, two years ago initiated the yearly Lagos Traffic Radio Lecture Series. According to Adagun, the lecture series which came on board with the approval of the government of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode “provides a platform through which the stakeholders in the transportation sector can advance discussion on urban transportation and people mobility-exploring new developments, opportunities for more innovative ideas and enabling laws that facilities easy mobility around Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.”

“The LTR Lecture” _Adagun said “also brings together stakeholders in the transportation management sector and offer ideas on new thinking and systems in urban transportation and de-ployment of technology to peoples’ mo-bility. The event also helps to project the efforts of government at tackling the menace of traffic gridlocks and also serve as an avenue to recognize out-standing officials and operators within the transport sector for their contribu-tions to the transformational strides in the traffic management systems.”

For bringing sanity to Lagos roads, enhancing safety of lives on the highways, maintaining orderliness and raising the bar in road safety education and traffic information, Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1 is hereby named as Radio Broadcast Station of the year 2017 by Brandwise Magazine. Here is wishing Lagos Traffic Radio many more faithful years of services to Lagos in particular and to Nigeria in general.

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