Brandshow with Wale Alabi – The Rough Road

“May your road be rough. May you have a hard time, this year. I am not cursing you. I am wishing you what I wish myself every year.” – Dr Tai Solarin

When the late educationist and iconoclastic human rights crusader, Tai Solarin penned the above words in one of his columns in the late 1970s, he, like those prophets of yore had probably seen into the future of Nigeria. Because barely three decades after these words were written the road has indeed become rough for Nigeria.

In fact, things are almost fallen apart. The days are bad. The times are hard. Businesses are packing up. Factories are shutting down. Jobs are being lost in their thousands. Marriages are breaking down. No thanks to the dwindling economy. It’s a time-worn truism that ‘no money, no love’. Suicide which was hitherto strange in this part of the world is becoming a regular occurrence. These are times that try men souls. But then must we give up to the gloom? No! Suicide is not an option. Neither is pessimism nor negativism. For beyond the current gloom is a silver lining. History has shown that most of the best inventions or investments were made during a depression or is it a recession? Or rather to state it simply, most inventions that changed the way we live now were made during hardship, when the economic climate was foggy.

So, rather than giving up on Nigeria or on ourselves, isn’t it high time we put on our thinking caps and seek for opportunities that would take us out of this ‘economic morass and political brouhaha’. While we are bemoaning our fate over falling Naira rate, some people are already brimming with developmental ideas and strategizing on how to perfectly execute those projects that will change their story and take Nigeria out of the doldrums. Ask Dangote who is building the biggest refinery in the world. Ask AY who has just released another blockbuster, A trip to Jamaica and is smiling to the banks. Ask Wale Adenuga of Ikebe Super fame who has returned to his first love, publishing. Am I making sense?

And in this edition, This special edition of Brandwise is dedicated to an arm of the marketing mix, public relations. History of public relations consultancy predates Nigeria’s independence. Our brand lead story, in a nutshell, tells the story of PR consultancy in Nigeria. We also have inspiring interviews with industry leaders and our regular columns, Mediawise, Brandshow, Brand Icon and Marketing Icon are also interesting. And the mercuric Sir Richard Branson also penned an eye opening story in his column.

Parting Shot: “Expectations create pursuits. Pursuits open door for opportunities. Opportunities abound where there are pursuits.

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